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make your website more visible in search result pages. learn how to drive more traffic to your website and convert those viewers to customers.

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I'm ready to up level my website!

Building a solid foundation with basic SEO is an important first step in making your website more searchable. Let's make it easier for your ideal clients to find your website in their search results.

This seo kickstart guide will explain the basics of seo and walk you through implementing it on your website.

MOST entrepreneurs STRUGGLE TO UNDERSTAND SEO AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT IT INTO THEIR WEBSITE because even the most basic courses are too techy to follow.

I'm ready to take control of my SEO!

This SEO Guide is designed to walk you through the process of creating the basic components needed to have your website visible in search result pages. You will learn how to figure out which are the best keywords to drive traffic to your website, and how to use them effectively.

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"In the past I have struggled with every aspect of SEO, it felt like a foreign language. I've been so overwhelmed by where and how to start, that I just didn't start at all. This guide was different than others because I understood it! It was simple, yet still covered everything I need to know! I would absolutely recommend this guide to other photographers! If booking more is a priority for you, SEO should be a priority as well! And this guide will help you! "

Leah Hope Photography

with this guide you can make a few simple changes on your website to see results

- Your visitors will be able to find your website in their search results more easily.

- Your visitors will spent more time on your website, taking in more information.

- Your visitors will more easily convert to leads with more user friendly calls to action on your website.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by your website usability and seo anymore!

I'm ready to get more leads!

Implement the keywords into your website with tags and quality content.

how it works


Create an ongoing plan to maintain quality content and tags, analyze your results.


Follow the step-by-step guide to research and organize your keywords.


I'm ready to up level my website!

There are a lot of great SEO products available in the market. However I find a lot of them to be overwhelming for beginners. I wanted to create a product that anyone could work through, and understand. I included a glossary of terms, pro tips, implementation tips, fill in the blank content, loads of examples specific to photographers. 

Where SEO and usability has always been this thing that’s hard to understand I have created this guide to explain it in a way that is easy for non-technical users to understand.

My goal for this guide is that when you complete it, you are able to understand the SEO you have implemented into your website, and are able to move on to more advanced strategies for your website.

I wanted to create an seo guide that explained all of the basic elements a photographers website needed to be searchable. 

Joanna Moss

SEO kickstart GUIDE


In the past, I've struggled with not even knowing where to start with SEO. The seo made simple guide walked me through each aspect and made it simpler to understand. the guide is laid out in a way that made it easy to follow and implement the steps into my own website. I would absolutely recommend this guide to other photographers.

Ashley Lewis Photography

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You'll download the 80 page e-guide, 3 modules of easy to follow SEO, 2 bonus modules on venue pages and fill in the blank content. Everything you need to setup a solid SEO Foundation on your website & blog.

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The guide is designed as a stand along product, which can be completed without the workbook. However the workbook will help you keep your work organized as you work your way through the guide. I highly recommend using both the digital guide and printing the workbook to use them side-by-side.

Do I need the workbook to complete the guide?

We start with the very basics of SEO in this guide. What is SEO? What is a tag? The language in the guide is easy and clear. There are lots of tips and a glossary of terms for those trickier terms.

I've tried SEO courses in the past and they were too complicated. How is this guide different?

That's OK! Although the examples in this version of the guide is geared towards photographers, the concepts will work for any website.
There are additional versions of the guide coming soon!
SEO Kickstart for Coaches, Wedding Planners.

what if i'm not a photographer?

The guide is 80-pages long. I have had photographers finish the research and implementation modules of the guide in 1-2 days. At a slower pace you can expect to finish in 1-2 weeks. Module 3 focuses on strategies that will require work outside of your website and require regular maintenance so completion time will vary.

how long will it take to complete?

No. This guide is designed to work with any website on any platform because SEO is not platform specific. 

do i need to have a showit website?

You will work through the guide modules going through the research phase where you will review your website keywords. The implementation phase where you will write your tags and content. Then there is the optional advanced strategies when you will learn about blogging for SEO. I encourage you to do the work as you're reading the guide, it's also very helpful to print the work book to work along side of the guide.

how does it work?

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This SEO Guide if full of great detailed examples of keyword research, implementation, maintenance and SEO strategies for photographers.

follow the
step-by-step guide

taking control of your seo doesn't have to be overwhelming anymore

designed with beginners in mind

Yeah! I would totally recommend the SEO Kickstart Guide. Its super helpful to know what will help my website rank higher. I think I can share this with brands that I work with to help give them a competitive edge with their photos and branding

Heather Waegner

I didn't know much about SEO or where to even start.  I loved how detailed the SEO guide was. It has great instructions, as well as being able to learn the exact places I need to be updating my SEO to rank higher in search.

Lynelle Lillian

seo kickstart guide

what others are saying about the

My biggest challenges was not knowing where to start. My favorite thing was how you explained everything. You made SEO seem easy and I always thought it was so complicated. I think it's a great guide to help someone who doesn't know where to start for SEO and doesn't know how to start implementing it in their website. 

Erin Sweet Photography

SEO is a mystery to me and seemed like an overwhelming process that only people who were "internet savvy" could master. It is very simple to read and understand. I was able to digest the content easily, even though there is quite a bit of it! The workbook was also very helpful as it kept me on track. It was like homework for my business and I really enjoyed it!

Flavia Watkins Photo and Video

I would highly recommend the SEO Kickstart Guide to get over that helpless feeling and learn the ins and outs of SEO without wasting hours online sifting through countless articles. I love that it has a clear checklist of actions to take.

Elizabeth Stone Photography

The SEO Kickstart Guide walks through EVERY aspect of SEO from page naming, where your content is placed on the page, image naming/sizing, etc. as well as how to assess your top competitors and see where you can gain an advantage over them in their current SEO strategy.

Ty Z Wilson Photography

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